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Unloved Daughter

The sole purpose of this book is to comfort you, to let you know that you are not alone, and that what happened to you was not your fault. For some time now, God has been leading me to tell of the abuse in my life and to let you know that each day, each yesterday is just that—YESTERDAY. Each new day of life is what is important, but it is your choice to make which one you will choose, just as I did.

In God’s own gentle way He began to answer my questions with those wonderful thoughts from Him once again. He let me know that it doesn’t matter who believes me or not, as long as He knows the truth. “No, you don’t know how to write a book, but I do, just listen to Me. Start at the very beginning of your life and share what you remember,” is what He told me. As the obedience and trust in God took over, I stopped procrastinating and started listening to Him. I knew what He wanted, not what I wanted to hide any longer. The purpose of this book has now taken on a whole new meaning for me. It is now for His glory in helping others and not for my purposes. So here we go on a journey with my life, you and me.

As I’m coming to the closure of this book, God has already been giving me more thoughts of yet another, and to think that I had voiced to Him that I didn’t know how to write a book in the beginning. I still don’t! But He sure does, leading and guiding me the whole way through, then taking and using only parts of my life for His Glory.


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Paperback $10.99

The New Road Leading To Christ

If you have read my first book, you will also know that God has asked me to write yet another, which is this one. I have come to realize that these are not my books, but they are God’s. Only through my obedience and love for Him am I telling of my yesterdays, and what He wants me to share with you. So once again this portion of my life that I am writing about I will continue to share with you in this second book. Come with me on a journey of love and peace that only comes from our Creator, God Almighty.

Let me begin by letting you know that I have found it very difficult to express in our language here on this earth what I have been shown or heard in the supernatural. Simply put, there are no words to describe the supernatural. The supernatural realm is beyond what any of our minds can comprehend here on this earth, and the human language has no way of describing this realm. Most things that I have been shown are not at all a likeness to what is here on this earth. So I am going to do the best I can with the help of the Holy Spirit in describing what has been shown to me, or what I have heard.

My dear friend, God, Heaven, and Hell are real! God has chosen and showed me the things I have written about in this book, so that through me, by the knowledge of Christ, you will come to know that it is the truth.