What Happens When You Invite Jesus into Your Heart?

Jesus has been called many names. He is known as the Messiah, Emmanuel, Lord, Son of God, Son of Man, Light of the World, and many more. All the names He is called serve to remind His people of the huge roles He plays in their lives. As the Messiah, Jesus is the Savior. He rescues His people from the wickedness of their sins. He is the strength that drives away the evilness in the world. As Emmanuel, He is the enduring presence that holds the hands of His people through the most difficult and happiest times. His presence and love is eternal. Jesus is at once the Son of God and Son of Man—both Divine and Human. His divinity and humanity is a reminder to His people that He has suffered with and for them. No matter what He is called, each of Jesus’s names resonates the love He has for His people and the sacrifices He is willing to undergo for them.

Instead of being served, Jesus believes in being the servant of His people. He is a benevolent Lord and Master, generously offering Himself to heal, touch, and redeem them. Despite His holiness or, rather, because of it, Jesus lived in humility, turning away from opulence and welcoming people of all stations. While on earth, He lived a life unburdened by materialistic wants and worldly desires. He had dedicated His life to be the hands of His Father—spreading goodness, forgiveness, and love.

What does it mean to open up your heart to Him? When you let your heart be occupied by His presence, you welcome His light into your life. His eternal love and mercy will be a healing balm to all your suffering and pain. After a long day of heartbreak and tears, He will be your haven, the security blanket that covers you in peace and reassurance. And when you wake up in the morning, He will be the sunshine that will lighten up your day, giving you the strength to face challenges and overcome them. In your journey through life, Jesus will be there, holding your hand through the toughest times, carrying you when you can’t go on, pulling you up when you’re down. His presence will not waver, even in times when you forget about Him. Once you’ve opened your heart to Him, He will be your Messiah, Emmanuel, Lord, Light, and more. He will continue to be so without fail.

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