Yesterday Will Not Bring Tomorrow

All of us want our future to be brighter than the sun. Yet many are still haunted by the shadow of their poignant yesterday. They are afraid to try, afraid to love, and afraid to live joyfully. They see their future as a replay of their past when the truth is, this perspective doesn’t even have a future in it. If you are one of these people, just take a look at the following facts and take time to ponder about it.

  1. Know that you cannot change what has already been done. Make peace with your past. I know it is really hard, but I tell you, it’s not impossible. It is all about the right perspective. The right thing to do is to always move on. Move on. Move on to the things that will rebuild what has been destroyed. Move on to the job that will bless you not only financially but spiritually. Move on to new opportunities that await you. By facing forward, you get to see the beauty of life.
  2. Just because you failed yesterday doesn’t mean you will also fail later. The most successful people in history faced countless failures and rejections before they finally sowed success. Believe me, these outstanding people knew that it is painful to fail again, but they are only concerned at the more painful thing: to know that you haven’t tried at all and to spend the next few years of your life wondering what could have been the result if you’ve taken the other path. You cannot change the fact that you failed, but you can still change the next outcome, if you do not give up.
  3. By looking back, you have actually made your future suffer. Have you ever realized that by looking back while walking will make you a literally walking disaster (besides looking silly)? But by looking ahead, you can know where to go and avoid the impending bumps in the road. It is the same with your life. You cannot have a bright future by correcting mistakes with the same mistakes. Be courageous and do it right this time.

Enduring the pain of yesterday will only bring scarier results. Do not waste any more time trapped in the past that can only harm your future. Do not make things worse by going on living the life you don’t want. What are your dreams, your desires? Don’t you want to be happy? Give yourself a chance to change for the better. Learn from the past, live in the moment, and work tirelessly for the future.

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