Joan Bellrichard

Reverend Joan Bellrichard began her spiritual enlightenment started in 1993, when she went to Yugoslavia for a pilgrimage.

After that, in 2003, she attended a Bible College in Colorado with her husband.

They were ordained as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ after graduation.

 She and her husband are the founders of Message of the Cross Ministries.

“After reading, “Unloved Daughter,” you will be greatly and wonderfully surprised as to what God alone can accomplish and change in a person’s life. In my second book, “The New Road Leading To Christ,” those changes are told as I continue telling of my testimony. I’ve now left that old life behind me; now living this beautiful and joyful new life In Christ.”
-Rev. Joan Bellrichard


Book: Unloved Daughter

“This book is a very succinct reminiscence of Reverend Joan Bellrichard’s past, with a very clear message. The memories are written just as one would speak them, which (for me) makes this story that much more relative to my life. Reverend Joan Bellrichard speaks of abuse, depression, neglect, and other difficult subjects, but she doesn’t delve too deeply into them, which enhances the message of this work: God can take away the demons of your past and open up the doors to a happier future.”

—R. Nelson-Richardson | Amazon Reviewer

Book: Unloved Daughter

“A comforting read for all those who never got the love they deserve as a child.”

—Steven Cook (Denver, Colorado)

Book: The New Road Leading to Christ

“This book is enlightening and fun to read.”

—Rosa Hooks (Centennial, Colorado)

Book: The New Road Leading to Christ

“Inspiring and truly moving, the author has opened my heart and encouraged me to take on my own spiritual journey as well.”

—Patricia Devlin (Colorado Springs, Colorado)


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